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Great Customer Testimonial!

June, 2018

Q1: What was your perception of Chiropractic Care before your experience at Thrive Family Chiropractic?—- up until I meet you and Dr Mike I always had the idea that you needed to have some sort of a problem and or injury( ie: chronic back problem or pain from a past injury that had not fully healed) to be put under care of a chiropractic care.

Q2: What was your first impression of Thrive Family Chiropractic?—- very educational focused. You guys quickly taught me that you do not need to have a true pain problem to be seen.

Q3: What is something new you have learned about Health and Wellness throughout your care at TFC?—- it was a refresh of my science and anatomy class lol j/k. I got a better and deeper understanding on how having a good healthy spine has more effects then just keep me standing up straight.

Q4: What changes have you noticed personally, since your care at Thrive Family Chiropractic?—- I am no longer walking so heavy on my left side and now walking more evenly. Also when I do catch that good old cold my recovery is faster then the past. I recover now in days from a cold where the past it could be a week(s)

Q5: Who would you recommend Chiropractic to?—- my friends and family :)

Q6: Any additional testimonial? You guys rock! - Matt D